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Current Exhibition: Tales of the Tyne

An exhibition of Paintings, Silks and Prints 

By Mark Todman and Marcia Ley

Saturday 13 October 2018 – Saturday 12 January 2019

Mark Todman and Marcia Ley are exhibiting a series of pictures inspired by the River Tyne and its surrounding area, and sometimes a little further afield.  Travelling on foot and by bicycle, they have tried to explore the often neglected and overlooked aspects of the river. They have visited small shipyards and talked to boat owners; walked by the ruins of Blaydon burn; sketched the remains of cranes, winches and modernist underpasses; explored the old Bill Quay and heard yarns of the river with locals over a glass of beer.


All these experiences have inspired the resulting pictures in an attempt to capture or respond to a particular place and time, or sometimes just a memory.