My research is largely around my practice as a participatory artist specialising in arts in health. I have worked with people facing life-limiting illness and I'm currently working with people who live with mental ill health. For more information on this work see The Art Studio.


As well as my interest in and practice as a Participatory Artist, I also have an active studio practice. In my studio practice I use everyday objects and activities to create paintings, prints, videos, photographs and collages. My work is playful and unashamedly decorative. I am also interested in personal experiences of public spaces. I have explored this by staging artistic interventions in space through actions such as yarn bombing. I am also part of the WALK research group that focuses on art walking and looking at the environment we live in.



My Christian faith is central to my practice, without making overtly religious paintings; it is often a factor in my work. My studio practice is also affected by my participatory practice of encouraging people to find their own creativity in a therapeutic art setting. Teaching skills such as silk painting and felting in a participatory practice has led me to be very interested in perceptions of  'craft' and contemporary art and the intersections between them.